Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tips on Getting a Marriage License

1. Call your local municipality (where you plan to apply your ML). Ask your "connections" about the telephone number. They are never found in the internet. Especially when your municipality is ParaƱaque.

2. List down the requirements. Note that NSO certified birth certificate is NOT the same as your original BC. Nevertheless, they are both accepted =D Baranggay Clearance is 20 pesos. Only the party residing in #1 should apply for Brgy Clearance. The comfort room of your Baranggay Hall is open for public. As in for everybody living (?) in your Brgy Hall. Labas-masok mga nakapajama, mga kumakain ng pishbol, tricycle drivers, etc. Bring your USB player for additional entertainment. Marvel at your Baranggay Sanguniang Kabataan achievements/trophies.

3. "Notaryo". Your application for ML should go through it. You MUST do it where the lady registrar specifically required you. "Don sa labas ng Munisipyo sa me gilid kumanan ka..." Grrrr. Andami ko na madadaanan na pwede pagnotaryohan bago makarating don. Ang init-init pa!!!! (Angas mode). 50 pesos for a stamp. Yun ang notaryo.

4. Pay for the application. Wow. Air conditioned. Picture tayo hehe. Then go to DSWD at the 2nd floor. 'Nak ng *%#$, tatlong building pala dito, di man lang sinabi anong building.

5. Since both parties are above 25, you will not be required to go through a seminar. Ahhh, the benefit of marrying at the "right" age.

Tapos na wala pang 12pm? Bilis naman. San na tayo punta?

Next pit stop: Recto for invitations & Divisoria for arrhae box :)

* ansarap tumabay sa counter ng Pque City Hall, lamig! *


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