Wednesday, August 13, 2008

32 Weeks

  • Had my Flu Vaccine. Last visit with the OB were conversations regarding house and loans :D Sorry Pompy, naaliw ang nanay mo...
  • Packed Pompy's bag for the hospital. Ilang diapers ang dadalhin? Ano gusto mong going-home outfit mo anak?
  • Nabasag ipen ko (huhu) kakakain nung new bbq flavored 3-1 Piatos-Tortillos-Nova. I panicked because I had silver filling with that tooth (which is toxic). I had to settle with a temporary filling, balik na lang ulit sa dentist after Pompy's birth.
  • Pompy and I are obsessed in Red Ribbon's Black & Forest. Ang resulta, mas malaking tyan at the end of this week (ang hirap na gumalaaaaaw!)
  • Daddy and I loves eating Grapes, Apples, and Orange while watching series/movies in the night. Healthy kuno!
  • Kuya Justine's dialogue: "Where's Pompy?", "Oy Pompy, labas na ikaw!", "Kay Pompy ba 'to?" (referring to small items in the room). He's even confused with Pompy and Vivi Faye sometimes "Si Pompy ba 'to?" (referring to Fayie's picture in our ref) hehe.


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