Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hard Days Night

Jana was diagnosed to have asthma last Tuesday. It broke my heart. She still has colds so you can imagine how 'harder' it is for her to breathe. She looks fine on daytime. Playing and laughing. Come evening, she's drained. Like a lowbat cell. Her eyes are red, nose even redder. Doesn't lift her head, parang pagod na pagod. Until I return from work and take her to our room. Where she'll try to nurse and sleep like our usual routine.

Recently, she can't do both. She can't nurse because she can't breathe, thus she can't sleep. Thus the endless crying. Me trying all possible things to ease her discomfort. Salinase. Drixine. Carry her. She's irritated. Check her clogged nose. Walk around the room. Turn the lights on. Turn the lights off. Sing her lullabies. Promise her anything.

Mawawala din yan anak.
Sorry na si Mommy.
Pasensya ka na anak.
Pupunta tayo sa doctor bukas.
Sleep ka na, babantayan ka ni Mommy.

She looked at me for 10 seconds then slowly started to cry.. like she's asking me "Mama, why am I like this? I've been a good girl naman a." My heart continued to break into smaller pieces. I can only pray for God to hear her cries and make her feel better asap.
Last night, she didn't sleep at all. Didn't nurse, though we tried all possible positions. She's very hungry na. Around 6am, she probably was able to breathe a little thru her nose, she nursed. I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was almost 8am.

She's awake. And playing. And laughing. Like nothing happened the other night.

This is her when I woke up.


Blogger Vee Villacampa - Deguit said...

hayyyy... kakaiyak naman to Chuy. I hope and pray she will be ok na. Don't worry she will be. Pag nahirapan ka text lang... makakaraos din... Jana, pagaling ka para laro kayo ni Andre... mahal ka namin!

2:50 AM  
Blogger gfbaby said...

poor pompy :( so sad naman. hope it gets better soon. bespwen, i know you're worried. but i believe she's stronger than you think (they usually are stronger than us :D). muah to you and pompy! :)

1:45 AM  

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