Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jana: roseola infantum

Diagnosed with this illness, we stayed at the hospital for just one day. Nope, Jana is still not OK even if her fever is gone. We were sent home for the following reasons:

1. Jana kept crying at the hospital. Naglulupasay. 2 hours na nakakabit ang suwero, umiiyak pa rin. Hinatak. Success. Tanggal na ang suwero. Tahimik na ulit. So Pedia decided na wag na mag-suwero. Just keep giving her fluids para di ma-dehydrate. Ayos na sana. Lord, salamat po sa breastmilk.

2. By afternoon, Jana started her tantrums again. She wanted to stay outside our room. Daig pa ang nurses, nilibot ang buong hospital at kumakatok sa mga pinto (nag-rounds si Jana). Inside our room, she wanted to stay in front of the opened fridge. She would open/close the locker door nonstop. She would bang the phone's receiver to the floor.

3. She wasn't able to rest, didn't get enough sleep. Baby pa lang, may eyebags na. She also didnt want to eat.

4. Ayaw magpakuha ng temperature. Ayaw magpakuha ng Blood Pressure.

The day ended, which by the way is our 4th wedding anniversary. Worst behavior ni Jana so far. Sana anak nag-hotel na lang tayo. Wala naman ginawa sayo sa hospital.

Tomorrow, we will be back for another lab exam. Her platelet is still low. We still don't why. Sure lang daw na hindi Dengue because her rashes are not Petechiae.

Learn more about Roseola Infantum.

Thanks for all the prayers and messages.
Special thanks to Ibon Family :)


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