Wednesday, January 11, 2006

At Iba Pa

12.27.05 (tue) - first bridal gown fitting. I was quite disappointed at first but I learned that i shouldn't expect too much at this time. Lots of details are still missing from agreed design.
12.30.05 (fri) - Interview with Tita Carol & Tito Noel (from Couple's for Christ), this is a requirement from our church. We thought this would be boring. Heck, i thought wrong.
- Pamamanhikan. En's family brought sumptious food to feast on. While the "elders" share some alcohol and videoke, us kids were playing billiards.
01.05.06 (thurs) - finalized invitation with RCG. Went to Tutuban for the remaining gift for Ninangs. We also finished wrapping the entourage gifts and started with our DIY souvenir.
01.06.06 (fri) - Went to several travel agencies but to our dismay, there's no available Bangkok Package yet for february. We have to wait till mid-January and check if our budget permits our simple dream honeymoon =)
01.08.06 (sun) - (1030am) - female entourage fitting. As usual, it was fun being with these ladies. I feel excited seeing them wear and complain about their gown. Though the gowns weren't the color I preferred, my beautiful entourage gracefully wear their own gowns. (2pm) Christian Living Seminar (2nd of the 3 required seminars from our church). We have also inquired from our Parish Priest the readings that he prefer for our wedding.
01.10.06 (tues) - (1pm) prenuptial pictorial. I was quite disappointed that Kuya Mel (our requested photographer) wasn't available. Also, we came earlier than our make-up artist (Mommy Ross). However, he compensated it by transforming me into a Belle in a short period of time. Kuya Manuel, our photographer for that day was quite a surprise too. He's very easy and fun to work with. He welcome our kulit poses and in fact, laugh with us too. Prenup pictorial happened in 4 places: studio, Manila Penn, church, and reception venue. We decided to request him on our wedding day too. (730pm) 2nd bridal gown fitting. I like my gown! It's almost done and I'm very happy with the result.


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