Friday, August 22, 2008

33 Weeks

  • Saturday, I went to Robinson's Place with mom, dad, and Bilog. They're on Clearance sale. Woopee. Didn't enjoy it that much though, kasi siguro mas enjoy mamili ng baby items if husbandry is with you (para naman me laging nagtatanong na "Para san ba yan?". At the same time, you'd see your shopping cart full of baby stuff that you knew you didn't pick because it's not actually a necessity). Nakabili lang ako ng bottle brush worth 60 pesos hehe. Next pit stop was MOA. Bongga, mall-hopping!
  • Sunday, I watched Mulan Jr (a play at Greenbelt by Repertory Phils) then went to Landmark to shop for Pompy's crib matress.
  • Monday was holiday, went to SM alone for groceries.
  • By Tuesday, I started to feel extremely tired. I felt like I had menstrual cramps and my groin part started to really hurt. Contractions? I know they're normal (I just don't know how frequent is "normal"). Officemates were already telling me to take a leave and visit the doctor. Let's just say... I hate texting my doctor. Not that she's not accomodating. She's actually very concern and sweet. Which makes it hard for me to be one of her patients na laging makulit/magulo/pasaway/papansin.
  • Wednesday, Entowts told me I can't go to the office unless I visit the doctor. Ok fine, I give in. After the checkup, we were immediately instructed to be admitted at the hospital. What's the rush? Why the doctor's concern look on her face? I'm already having a preterm labor (huh? ano??? di halata hehe un na ba un?). Napagalitan pa ako. Saturday pa daw pala ako me nararamdaman, di ako nagsasabi (hala mga buntis, bawal matigas ang ulo kasi).
  • Was confined at the hospital from Wednesday to Friday. I was given shots of Steroids (to help Pompy's lungs mature just in case she pops anytime soon). I was also given antibiotics and then Bricanyl to stop contractions (really, what contractions? I can't tell the difference especially when I'm full due to overeating). My doctor honestly told me she doesn't want me delivering the baby yet. It's too expensive and not advisable for the baby's health. She promised she'd try her best to keep Pompy in my tummy until the right time :) See, told you she's a darling.
  • Dadi En was very, very reliable (as always). Good thing it happened during his rest days. He was taking care of our house construction and loan requirements. Leaving me confined alone at Paranaque Doctors Hospital most of the time. I don't complain though. The nurses were very efficient and kind and kinda cool. We're all in our twenties so it's easy to have small chika moments.
  • It was time to pig out once again. Being in the hospital is like having a vacation, really. Our room (1K a day) is relatively new (the hospital is just one-year old). And we'd order from Chowking (congee, buchi, and siopao), Shakey's (spaghetti monster meatball and thin crust pizza), and Red Ribbon (black forest cake). Across the street is Petron, where we can get our chicheria at 11pm. All paid by dutiful husband, of course. Kudos to the greatest husband in the whole wide universe!
  • Pompy must've been excited to see the world already. Well, who wouldn't? There's too much love around her. Seeing her gifts and little abubot neatly placed in her own baby drawer can make any baby excited too. Messages of concern and happy wishes are coming from everywhere. You're one lucky baby, Jana :)


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