Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jana: the 13th Month

  • Recently, Jana wakes up in the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes at 3am, sometimes at 4. She would nurse for about 20mins, with eyes wide open, and try to get back to sleep. If unsuccessful, she would start crawling down the bed and play. Lie on the floor like a snow angel, or point to any object that catches her attention. Clearly, that means that I have to be wide awake too. Yes, 3am is the start of my beautiful mornings nowadays.
  • She eats more meat now. No more mashed veggies. Our table food is her food :) Healthy snack: grapes, melon, papaya, marie, Gerber fingerfood.
  • Is eating Krispy Kreme Original Glaze every saturday. She remembers the paper bag so she if sees one, she knows, and you better give it to her.
  • Drinks mama's iced tea during weekend lunch.
  • Eats Mcdo french fries during weekend snack.
  • I haven't witness her walking yet. When we're together, she'd embrace my legs and follow me wherever I go. Parang tuko na nakakapit. So I'd carry her and she will have more things that will take her interest. She'll point and say "MM! MM!". One time i said "Later anak." And she replied "Leyler?"
  • Ang daldaaaaaaaal. Nakikipag-usap in foreign language hehehe.
  • Doesn't nurse as often as before. Sa gabi na lang ata sya talaga interesado magdede. During the day, even if she likes to nurse, a lot of things around her interests her so she'd leave me after nursing for about 2 mins =( and play play play.
  • In the middle of the night, she would transfer from the left side of the bed to the middle, just beside her daddy, and go back to sleep. parang sleep walk (or sleep crawl in her case). Sweet nilang dalawa. Pagkagising at nakita ni Jana na malayo ako sa kanya, lilipat sya agad pabalik sa akin. To the dismay of her father. Hehe.
  • Still sleeps at around 730pm.
  • Me rashes sa katawan. As advised by her pedia, yung last buhos ng tubig contains constarch.
  • Medyo nawiwili na sa TV. Pinapagalitan ko ang yaya at ang tatay. Mga adik sa tv kasi. Amp!

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    i'm glad very sweet si jana, consuelo no? the joys of parenthood.

    btw, preferred ko dito magcomment kasi ayoko tamarin ka magpost dito, type ko lay out and the black background =)

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