Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Jana Moment: On Sleeping

Jana cried when i put her to bed last night. Angry that her playtime was cut short, she covered her eyes and mouth habang umiiyak (best child actress).

Nung nakahiga na kami, she pulled my shirt. I thought pinapalipat nya ako sa kabilang side. Lipat naman ako. She pulled my shirt again, i went back on my original place. Yun pala, gusto nya higaan ko sya. She embraced me so tight while I was trying to balance myself para di sha madaganan. Like im her stuffed toy or hotdog pillow, she didnt wanna let go. After a while, nangalay na ako. She was contented to hug my left arm instead. Still not letting go.

After a while, she was sound asleep.

At the age of 18 months, bawing-bawi ka na anak. May sukli pa :)


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