Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Giving Me a Headache!

Jana, En, and I were scouting for preschools within the village. She was so excited.

So we found 2 schools this morning:
One costs 50k for the entire school year. 3hrs a day. 5x a week.
And the other one is 60k. 2hrs a day. 3x a week.

Jana sit in. She loved the place.
When we arrived home, she was really crying.
She didn't wanna change her clothes.
She kept saying, "Mama... KUL!........ KUL mama!"
(baliktad ka naman anak, yung iba ayaw pumasok. Ikaw ayaw mo na umuwi!)

Oh... i know you loved that place anak.
But i think i'm going to have a headache from now on....

There's another option. 2hours a day. 5x a week. Tumataginting na 90k!


Blogger gfbaby said...

parang kailan lang we were also day care hunting with alex. at pareho sila ni pompy, na-in-love sa schools. first day ayaw umuwi. :D the teachers told us, na baka daw after a week humabol naman o mag-iyak and that it is common. pero, never happened with alex. didn't want to go home even after a couple of weeks. :)) karol, also didn't have any problems. probably, since he goes to same school as alex. "idol ko si ate" ang drama, kaya everything alex does, he follows.

kaya, good luck pompita! enjoy learning! and to mommy sar, be thankful. maraming mommies maiinggit sa yo hehehe.

3:50 PM  

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