Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sumakay ka pa!

3 weeks before the wedding, i'm in a panic stage. i still have to finish work for a new project, pack my bags and oh! i almost forgot, continue the wedding preparation =D

01.23.06 (mon) - En paid for the Panglao tickets.

01.25.06 (wed) - Met John of JJS and finalized the package we would get. He suggested we get a quartet. Though accoustic is what I prefered before, I don't have the capacity to overly think on this matter so I agreed. The bridal march is also settled. Bahala na.

01.27.06 (fri) - Paid full for the church, reception venue, and Blue Petals.

01.30.06 (mon) - Ate Jacq called Mang Boy for the additional flowers. En talked to Mon of Xstatic.

pending achuchuchu 17 days before the wedding:

1. Pay Sugarbox & Palmos on or before Feb 10.
2. Buy candles for the luminaries :)
3. Make sure that the church is informed that we need a mass coordinator and a commentator.
4. Make sure that Teody (choir leader) and JJS have coordinated.
5. Complete the souvenirs.
6. Find a gift for the parents.
7. Have my final gown fitting.


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