Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Get Here If You Can

i miss a lot of things nowadays. i miss the things that i everyday do when i am with en.

  • i miss playing with his face when he is sleeping and im about to go to work.

  • i miss him waiting for me at the end of the street where i always alight from the Landmark shuttle.

  • I miss watching Gilmore Girls while he's sleeping beside me.

  • I miss going to SM Sucat to buy junk foods to stock in our petite, always-almost-empty fridge.

  • I miss the hot, sunny walks from Dela Rosa to Ayala after our Glorietta lunchouts.

  • I miss our saturday's ritual: laundry day.

  • I miss fitting clothes from a store and him commenting: "panget" or "yan, bagay" or "Andami mo nang damit!!!."

  • I miss eating what he has cooked for weekend lunches or weekday dinners.

  • I miss the usual bedroom complains "ang kalat-kalat nyong mag-Tita."

  • I miss brushing our teeth together. The first one who has thought that it's toothbrush time must put toothpaste on both toothbrush.

  • I miss En and Bilog's harutan morning and night: "Mamaya magkasakitan na kayo ha. Ang kukulit ninyo!"

  • Though I hate ironing his big shirts and pants, I hate that it means the reason I am not doing it every Sunday is that we're apart.


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