Thursday, February 15, 2007

NY: Recounts On Becoming A Domesticated Wife

Day 1 (2/11):
  • Arrival at JFK Airport
  • Lamyerda sa Times Square (sobrang ginaw at bangenge pa ako sa more than 24 hr-flight)
  • Buffet dinner sa chinese seafood resto.
Day 2 (2/12):
  • Met Lene, wife of Cricket (living on the 1st floor of the duplex)
  • Went to grocery (ang saya! eto bale ang highlight ng araw ko)
  • Nilagang baka for dinner.

Day 3 (2/13):

  • Went to grocery (again. Wala akong magawa sa bahay. Internet at TV. Heaven hehe.)
  • We went to Madison Square Garden hoping to buy NBA tix. Kaso full na daw. 200++ USD na lang ang available. Sigh.
  • First time visit @ Victoria's Secret. Nahilo ako sa dami ng undies. Bwahaha.
  • Binagoongan for dinner.

Day 4 (2/14):

  • Stayed at home the whole day.
  • Naglalaway sa cake. Browsed the net. Syet! 45USD isang cake? eh 550 lang sa Red Ribbon 'to a? Nyahaha. I-compare daw ba?
  • Spicy fried chicken and sopas (overcooked yung pasta, watta disaster!)

Day 4 (2/15):

  • Lene and I went to Dee and Dee. Daming good finds. See pics below.
  • Syempre para makabawi sa disaster kagabi, I cooked something I love: Sinigang Baboy!

1st pic:

  • Men's Scarf (Top) - $1
  • Hand Towel (Left) - $1
  • Plum Knitted Jacket (Right) - $1.99
  • 2nd pic:
  • Pillow Case - $1.99

  • 3rd pic:
  • Nonslip Mat - $2.99

  • 4th pic:
  • Strawberry cheesecake - $6.50
  • (post-valentine sale, yesterday it was $15)

    Day 5 (2/16):

    • Went to Macy's (Largest shopping mall in the world daw).
    • Cooked bistek (1st time). Lasang toyo. Hehehe.
    • Ate dinner at Friday's. Di naman namin naubos kasi nalipasan na kami ng gutom.

    Day 6 (2/17):

    • Went to Times Square. Picture-picture. Nakita ko san piniplay yung Rent, Les Miserables, Lion King, Tarzan (we'll watch this on wednesday, 8pm), Beauty and The Beast, Chicago, etc.
    • Uwi agad kasi Manang Amay (cuz of En) will stay overnight with us.

    Day 7 (2/18):

    • THE DAY! Entowts surprised me with an extravagant necklace (na malamang hindi ko magagamit kahit kelan dahil I dont trust myself. I ALWAYS lose jewelries).
    • Went to Times Square. Picture-picture lang. Bought the Tarzan ticket.

    Day 8 (2/18):

    • Went to New Jersey's largest outlet mall. Waaaa! Shopping na naman?!!

    Nike Free 5.0 (women's) - $34.99
    How To Sleep With a Moviestar - $03.99
    Gap Vintage tshirt - $10.00

    Nike Free 5.0 (men's) - $39.99
    Guess tshirt - $07.50
    Hollister Jacket - $29.99


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