Sunday, April 18, 2010

Random Jana Moment: On Freebies

Pompy, Ensot, and I went to MOA last Sunday (di nyo naman sinabing SALE pala. Susmiyo!!).

Fish & Co. (lunch) - Jana was amused by the exterior of the restaurant. There was a giant shark, stingray, and lobster. She points at these sea-creatures and say "Rawwrr!!!" (meaning scary kasi giant?) We were able to convince her to stay at her high chair. One server gave her a pink balloon. Yey! She was busy for a while. While waiting for the food, Jana was waving at other servers and saying "hiiiiiii". She was given coloring materials, to her delight. Nice job baby! (Other kids her age medyo nagwawala na sa highchair. Sana binigyan din sila nun).

Krispy Kreme (snack) - We wanted to buy just 3 donuts. Again, Jana was charming the crews saying the usual "hiiiiiii" sabay kaway. Before she actually left the counter, she was called by a staff and was given a paperbag (one free donut inside!).

So by 18 months, Jana can be a charmer pala (if she wants to).

Eh san pa ba magmamana? *Potpot taas-kamay*


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