Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Typical Evening Snack

I brought home a popcorn. Kiddo poured it all on the sofa, enjoyed a handful, watched cartoons and drank Milo (Spongebob straw and cup courtesy of Ninang Les and Kuya Archi). Sakin si Patrick (Apple Juice). We toast. She enjoys that.

I secretly put back the popcorn to its container. Jana noticed and got a clean glass. Dun nag-ipon ng sariling popcorn.

Later on, i was taking some of her popcorn. She made a face and demanded I return her popcorn (which was already on my mouth). I gave it back, pinunas ng bata sa damit at binalik sa baso.

Bukas kaya, ano na namang kalokohan ang ipapauso neto?


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