Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And the Truth is...

We have a colicky baby. It is best to set things straight. Colic is not KABAG. Mothers or any person taking care of infants should take the initiative to research what may be happening to the baby. How many times have we been wrongly informed? For example: A breastfeeding mother should not drink any cold drinks for it will cause the end of your lactation. Or hamog causes sipon. Or cutting pilikmata of an infant would ensure that the baby will have longer eyelashes when he/she grows up. Silly right? These beliefs and the Filipino dependency in the wonders of mansanilya are all but the same banana. Pagbigyan ang hilig.

I became irritant when a lot of people automatically suggests that my baby cries due to kabag.

me: umiiyak na naman si baby.
person 1: baka me kabag. lagyan mo mansanilya

me: umiiyak na naman si baby
person 2: baka me kabag. lagyan mo mansanilya
person 3: baka me kabag. lagyan mo mansanilya.
person 4: baka me kabag. lagyan mo mansanilya.

and so on...

Fuck, would I miss checking its possibility whenever her iyak session has started? A baby cries mainly for 2 reasons: wet diapers and hunger. Other reasons are stated here.

Pompy cries from 7-9pm at the very least. After a lot of researching, I had a hint that my baby is colicky. Pedia confirmed it. I suggest to anyone taking care of an infant to read about colic. It doesn't guarantee that your baby will be better after you've read it. But it sure helps you to stay sane when the going gets rough.

** I still love you all the same anak, kahit parang me split personality ka... lovable in the morning and iyakin in the evening. It would take more than that to have me disillusioned and stripped off of my unlimited fondness of you.


Blogger Apols said...

Hahaha I know the feeling truth of the matter the baby will just stop crying when they are so tired :D

Shes so pretty! i got her something!

5:53 AM  
Blogger Apols said...

di na dapat to butterflies and cold feet...

dapat all about pompy na tong blog mo heheh!

5:55 AM  
Blogger gfbaby said...

can relate ako jan bespwen. alex had colic din. 6-7pm naman sked nya. it stopped right after her baptism (our wedding) :) si karol naman, mas matindi, 7pm-1am. as in. pero i think tapos na din siya. a day before he turned 2 months, medyo nagmellow down na siya. good luck! hope mawala agad colic ni pompy :)

4:37 PM  

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