Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jana: the 3rd month

  • is a happy baby. smiles and laugh a lot (especially when she just woke up. ang tactic pa nyan to set her mood, greet her "Good Morniiiing!" with a big smile. Doesnt matter what time of the day it is. basta greet mo sya good morning, magii-smile na yan.)
  • weighs 5.7 kg and measures 56 cm (i knowww. she's become an average-sized baby. probably due to recent adjustment (read: mommy's work). patabain ulit!)
  • no problem on breast and nipple transition (1st time we introduced bottlefeeding sa kanya, parang wala lang. malay at paki nya. basta dumedede lang sya)
  • less diaper changing on the evening. once na lang ata. most weewee happens when she wakes up at around 7am.
  • she still drinks her milk almost every hour from 12am-7am.
  • since mama went back to work, instead of 7pm she sleeps later in the evening na =(
  • she's easier to put to sleep. konting hele at tapik na lang :) she doesnt wake that often anymore when you put her down to bed. (pag ako nagpapatulog ha, ewan ko lang pag iba ang me hawak sa kanya)
  • her cries are easier to read: it's either she's hungry or sleepy. that's it.
  • her 2 hobbies: staring at the curtains or playing with her musical mobile in the crib.
  • this morning, she stopped sucking milk and laughed when mama sang happy birthday.
  • sings with mama when humming Brahm's Lullaby (ay nako, kala mo talaga nakakaintindi na sya).


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