Sunday, December 07, 2008

Reality Bites

Same time next week, I might be crying myself to sleep.

I will be going back to work and that means lesser time with Pompy. In addition to that, I will leave my daughter into the hands of someone I DO NOT TRUST. An 18 year old girl who's half-deaf and shakes my baby like a tambourine. I complained it to my mother who said I need to give her a chance. She said she'd look after Pompy as well (I pressume she means she'd look after her on the days when she's home and not being treated as a slave/driver by some thick-face friend/kamag-anak).

Instincts are instincts though.

Only mothers who have gone thru the same experience can understand what I am feeling right now. It is NOT easy to entrust your child to anyone.

My 2-month old baby. My baby's habits and tantrums. Maybe if she's in 8th month or so, it could be a little easier for me. She's still too fragile right now. A part of me is dying as I struggle to learn how to let go. But currently, I sadly have no choice =,(


Anonymous Anonymous said...

- i read some material before on "shaken baby syndrome" so you better tell yung mag-aalaga sa kanya to go easy or better yet not do it at all esp at pompy's young age.

- hectic parati sched ni mommy no? sobrang maasikaso.

- syempre we have to learn to let go, but i hope you find somebody na kumportable ka iwan ynug baby mo, kasi kung hindi baka may reason kung bakit di mo dapat iwanan sa kanya.

- prepare na kita sis, kasi malungkot ito. baka in time when you spend less time with your baby, she'll be more attatched to her caregiver than to you. if it's any consolation, my baby sees her dad only twice a year =( isipin mo nalang na when it comes to time, it's quality over quantity.

love you both!!!

9:30 PM  
Blogger gfbaby said...

i almost cried reading this... :( i know i complain a lot being a fulltime housemom to 2 kids. very tiring, specially without any family to help me. but, it's better compared to the thought of being away from them. i feel sad for both you and pompy. i know it hurts... i just hope you find somebody else you feel more comfortable with. or at least try mo na i-train mabuti habang at home ka pa. god bless! muah!

3:51 PM  
Blogger Apols said...

8 months or ten years old wouldnt change how much you will be worried when youre away especially if the yaya does not come close to being trusted!

find someone whom you can trust or you will feel miserable, working.

11:50 PM  
Blogger Apols said...

mishu jana! ;p

7:05 PM  

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