Monday, October 27, 2008

Let's Celebrate

Happy 1st month Pompy!

  • now 4.2 kg, 51 cm
  • when in good mood, she doesn't just smile. She laughs.
  • has double chin, and starting to form small longganisas on her arms and legs. Newborn socks not recommended due to her "chubby ankles"
  • longer waking hours, shorter sleep (huhu anak magpatulog ka naman)
  • Colic days are becoming manageable. iba-ibang tactics. pagpasa-pasahan ng tita, lola, mami, dadi. pag ayaw huminto, lagyan ng mansanilya. bigyan ng Ceelin. Iduyan sa rocking chair. Buksan ang aircon. Magdrive-thru sa Jbee.


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