Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

I am writing this down so I will not forget... how we celebrated our first christmas with Pompy.

For as long as I remember, I religiously attended every misa de galo with my family. Traditionally, with new clothes. When I was younger, I honestly thought this is the kind of mass where all the people would show off their new clothes.

This year, I stayed home. I fear Pompy might get sick. With the weather, with whatever the crowd might have, or she might simply hit her topak mood.

I missed Noche Buena too. I fell asleep beside her and they didnt wake me up. Partly my request. Nowadays, sleep is very important. A lost sleep is forever lost.

Christmas day, Pompy watched me wrap the remaining gifts. Some of my inaanak were lucky that I was still at home. After lunch, we dropped by the church. There were just 3 of us. The church was so quiet (best time for giving thanks), until Pompy started babbling. As if she's also praying. Then we headed to Tita Jacq. There we stayed till the sun set. We're home by 6pm and Pompita was dead tired, she fell asleep as soon as her back was laid on our old bed.

It was so simple that I think nobody would be interested on hearing about it. Still, it is one of my best Christmases. And I thank You, God, for all Your blessings this year. For everything I have. For everything I still have.


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