Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dilemma, dilemma

Because of my mini-frame, people kept telling me i'm lucky to have almost all types of gown fitted on me. If they only knew...

2 gowns, still ain't enough =( where is the one meant for me???


~ testing muna ~

we decided to create a blog entirely dedicated to our wedding preps: dilemma, excitement, choices at kung ano-ano pa. let's start, shall we? Ü

important dates:
7.30.05 (sat) - En proposed to my Mom. huwaat? (aba'y wag ako ang tanungin nyo. --potpot)

8.13.05 (sat) - First trip to Blue Petals with Ate Jacq. Deal lasted for more than 3 hours (kapoy kaayo!)

9.03.05 (sat) - Wedding Expo @ NBC Tent. We booked our first supplier: Ariel Javelosa Photography (matapos mabaliw kakapili at kaka-compare)

9.10.05 (sat) - Reception (venue) had a problem. Bawal na daw i-rent. Haaaa? Eh bakit ngayon nyo lang sinabi? "Di pwede yan!" later turned to "Sige na po pleeeease". Booked Blue Petals Catering. Kasama si Apol, naghanap ng cake sa Red Ribbon. Booked JJS for the entertainment. After 6pm, we were in Dangwa. Umuwi na daw si Mang Boy, teka tatawagin muna. Naulan na! Mang Boy para kayong lasing. Tawa lang ng tawa. O sige deal na yan! Salamat sa bouquet of white roses Ü

9.12.05 (mon) - bday ni En kaso walang celebration. Trial Make-up with Ross Regala.

9.17.05 (sat) - went to Ysabelle fashion. First time to fit bridal gowns. haaay kapagod!

9.24.05 (sat) - Kasalan 2005. SM Megatrade Hall 1. Dami sarap tignan: rings, cakes, gowns. Had a sample sketch of a wedding gown. Booked Sugarbox for our cake (excited ako dito)

10.01.05 (sat) - Met Aleli for the wedding bond (me extra necklace pa wahehe, nde libre pero tipid)

10.05.05 (wed) - Rea showed me her David's Bridal gown. She also brought home bridal magazines that I lazily scanned half-awake. Then there it was... my beautiful gown. Now who will be the angel to turn it into reality?

10.08.05 (sat) - Met Jorge Palmos, the designer who gave me a free sketch while I was in Kasalan 2005. We agreed on the design of my gown and finalized the price wahehehe.

10.20.05 (thurs) - Applied for Marriage License. To be picked up at Nov 2 (given it is a working day daw). Scout for the invitations at Recto. Finalized the design.

10.22.05 (sat) - Went to Ysabelle for En's Barong & Pants. Decided and confirmed that mothers dress will be designed and sewn here. Bongga ang sketch, pasok pa sa budget. Went to Ariel Javelosa's shop. Signed the contract and requested for Mel's team.

10.23.05 (sun) - Met the (female) entourage and on the last minute, decided to go for Leonie Bautista's service. A separate entry will be written for this since it was an exciting experience =)