Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Aftermath


The day I am scheduled to initially meet En, his cellphone was off. Dead batt. I assumed he's like other guys who can't take the shit and backed out. 2 hours before the agreed time, I was able to contact him. He explained and told me he's on his way to pick me up so I can meet & apologize to Boss Danny, the organizer of the EB for me and Cherr that for some reasons, we weren't able to show up.

I knew from this moment that En is different. But no, I had no idea he's "The One".


En is persistent. But not the typical irritating persistent guy. He insists but allows you to step back and breathe. I like that.


En is consistent. In every sense of the word, he is. I'm proud of him.


I thought I know the person I married like the back of my hand. Dead wrong. There's a lot more to learn about my husband. For example:

  1. En likes Growers. A lot. He can finish one pack sa isang upuan.
  2. En is almost OC. He cannot stand dirty toilet and carpet (hehe).
  3. En can eat his meals without reheating them. Even it's freezing cold from the fridge.
  4. ??? wala na ako maisip ... next time uli...

My point? I've never been this happy. And it may be too early to tell but I'm writing it down now so that when the years have passed, I will still remember how I feel today. Contented and in love.