Monday, January 26, 2009


"Mama, anlaki yata ng tyan ko."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jana: the 4th month

  • is only drinking mommy's milk and consumes 16oz in 12 hrs
  • has mastered supporting her head with neck
  • can grasp things within her reach (pag walang mittens)
  • laughs heartily!
  • learning how to roll over.
  • night sleep is still around 7pm-7am.
  • likes to stand up when she's awake.
  • talks a lot when playing.
  • when she talk like she's complaining, it means she's sleepy.
  • can sleep without being carried (tapik tapik na lang, o kaya pabayaan mo sya magdaldal, tulog na rin maya maya)
  • was able to resist the cough & cold spread when it hit our home and affected 10 people.
  • lifts her shirt/skirt when her picture is being taken (anak naman!).
  • smiles when she sees mommy's nipples (feeding time!)
  • weighs 6.6kg (that's additional of almost 1 kilo from her previous weight) and 6.3 cm in height.

  • Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    Pasikat si Pompy

    "I'm seeing you for the first time."

    Monday, January 19, 2009


    Feeling ko kelangan na talaga mag-introduce ng formula milk ke Shaolin Kid.

    Di ko na kaya sabayan yung appetite nya =( 13oz sha, 9oz lang ako.

    I'm so sad...

    Tuesday, January 06, 2009

    Usapang Gatasan

    Since we're on the breastfeeding topic, I was told by my sis that some mom prefer not to breastfeed (her officemate is an example). For vanity reason yata, she prefer not to. I did not believe her. Totoo ba yun? C'mon.

    Until I met another mom.

    She had milk but wanted it to go away. Hehe.

    So I asked her why. She said "Ayaw ko lang".

    Yun na.

    Breast Friend For Life

    Now that I'm (really) back to work, I'm relying to this breast pump like a mother kangaroo to it's pouch. I bring it to the office everyday. Ang bigat ha. From time to time, I am asked why I bring my DSLR to the office hehe. 5x heavier to sa DSLR uy (fyi lang)

    Breast pumping is an alien language from where I'm working. We can't remember who's the last mom who did it. When and where. And then here I am. Must've been scandalous to some.

    Anak, if in the future there will be moments that you would question if I love you and how much, just imagine mama walking along Ayala Avenue carrying this big black bag to bring you 8-10 oz of milk everyday. Not much, I know. But I guess it's better than bringing you formatted cow's milk...for now.