Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sumakay ka pa!

3 weeks before the wedding, i'm in a panic stage. i still have to finish work for a new project, pack my bags and oh! i almost forgot, continue the wedding preparation =D

01.23.06 (mon) - En paid for the Panglao tickets.

01.25.06 (wed) - Met John of JJS and finalized the package we would get. He suggested we get a quartet. Though accoustic is what I prefered before, I don't have the capacity to overly think on this matter so I agreed. The bridal march is also settled. Bahala na.

01.27.06 (fri) - Paid full for the church, reception venue, and Blue Petals.

01.30.06 (mon) - Ate Jacq called Mang Boy for the additional flowers. En talked to Mon of Xstatic.

pending achuchuchu 17 days before the wedding:

1. Pay Sugarbox & Palmos on or before Feb 10.
2. Buy candles for the luminaries :)
3. Make sure that the church is informed that we need a mass coordinator and a commentator.
4. Make sure that Teody (choir leader) and JJS have coordinated.
5. Complete the souvenirs.
6. Find a gift for the parents.
7. Have my final gown fitting.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Huli Ka!

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This is entowts.

sabay kami naglunch ngayon kasi tinapos pa namin yung invitations na ipapamigay sa office.

di nya alam kinukuhaan ko sya ng pic.

Potpot, 29 days na laaaaaaang!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

At Iba Pa

12.27.05 (tue) - first bridal gown fitting. I was quite disappointed at first but I learned that i shouldn't expect too much at this time. Lots of details are still missing from agreed design.
12.30.05 (fri) - Interview with Tita Carol & Tito Noel (from Couple's for Christ), this is a requirement from our church. We thought this would be boring. Heck, i thought wrong.
- Pamamanhikan. En's family brought sumptious food to feast on. While the "elders" share some alcohol and videoke, us kids were playing billiards.
01.05.06 (thurs) - finalized invitation with RCG. Went to Tutuban for the remaining gift for Ninangs. We also finished wrapping the entourage gifts and started with our DIY souvenir.
01.06.06 (fri) - Went to several travel agencies but to our dismay, there's no available Bangkok Package yet for february. We have to wait till mid-January and check if our budget permits our simple dream honeymoon =)
01.08.06 (sun) - (1030am) - female entourage fitting. As usual, it was fun being with these ladies. I feel excited seeing them wear and complain about their gown. Though the gowns weren't the color I preferred, my beautiful entourage gracefully wear their own gowns. (2pm) Christian Living Seminar (2nd of the 3 required seminars from our church). We have also inquired from our Parish Priest the readings that he prefer for our wedding.
01.10.06 (tues) - (1pm) prenuptial pictorial. I was quite disappointed that Kuya Mel (our requested photographer) wasn't available. Also, we came earlier than our make-up artist (Mommy Ross). However, he compensated it by transforming me into a Belle in a short period of time. Kuya Manuel, our photographer for that day was quite a surprise too. He's very easy and fun to work with. He welcome our kulit poses and in fact, laugh with us too. Prenup pictorial happened in 4 places: studio, Manila Penn, church, and reception venue. We decided to request him on our wedding day too. (730pm) 2nd bridal gown fitting. I like my gown! It's almost done and I'm very happy with the result.

Entourage Fits Their Gown

Pagpasensyahan na kung pangit lumalabas ang pic, sa totoong buhay maganda po sila at magaganda din ang gowns. Ang galing ni Ms. Leonie, kuang kuha yung designs sa catalogue. On the sked pa =)

ps: nakiki-fit lang din po kami ni en, in replacement of bubai and lalaine =D