Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jana: the 2nd month

  • Pompy already has her sleeping times established: 8pm-7am and 10am-4pm.
  • weighs 5.2 kg and measures 53.8 cm
  • She loves massages after a bath (aba syempre, ako ba naman magmasahe, sino ang hindi mawiwili? :D)
  • can already participate in peace talks (este it feels like we can have conversations already. when talking to her, she responds with coos and other nonsense word like 'Ate', 'Ya'). Nagagalit pag walang kausap. Especially if she just woke up.
  • cries only when she needs to be picked up (and eventually falls asleep. yes, unfortunately nasanay ang batang eto ng hinehele para makatulog)
  • at one time, stopped from drinking her milk, pushed me away, and looks at my hair (while being blown by the fan). she was so amused (?). ayaw dumede, gusto lang panoorin ang nililipad kong buhok.
  • no longer a colicky baby! (yebaaaaaa!)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pompy's Binyag

Pictures now available here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Life Gets Better

...and definitely cuter!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

As Per Request

Apols specifically "requested" na itapat ang Pompy's binyag sa pag-uwi nya. Eh madali naman kami kausap... *grins* so we're inviting our family and friends to come and celebrate with us.

Some people are asking us for things that they can give to Pompy. Aba syempre... money! nyahahaha!

Joke lang.

Yung iba dyan... tanong-tanong pa, andami na ngang nabigay. TAMA NA =) You know who you are.

Pompy received a lot of gifts even when she was a fetus. Gifts that are really useful and beautiful, given with love and thoughtfulness. For that, En and I are very very touched. So far, we only buy her basic essentials. Ipagyabang natin ang gastos ni Pompy...

1. Desitin Cream - anti-diaper rashes. 200++ sa Mercury Drug. (Salamat Ate Iya)

2. Fitti Aloe diaper - 5.50/pc. 165 per pack. Wala 'to sa mga supermarket so we have to order it from this seller. They deliver the diapers to Makati for a delivery charge of 40php. Not bad. Hiyang na hiyang pa si Pompy. Salamat sa internet shopping hehe.

3. Tender Care baby soap - opo, eto lang po ang pampaligo ni Pompy. We tried Johnson & Johnson's no more tears kaso nagkarashes sya.

4. Cetaphil lotion - courtesy of Tita Rea. Eto na siguro ang pinakabisyo ni Pompy sa katawan :)

5. Perla soap - panglaba ng damit nya. Wala kami pambili ng Cycles hehehe. Tipid na, bango pa.

6. Sa damit, she has a virtual closet courtesy of Ate Fayie & Ate Iya. We actually have no need to buy clothes 'cause she has more than enough. For everyday use though, she's comfortable with her tie-side shirts which were from Baclaran and Tutuban (half dozen for 100php). They're getting smaller nowadays (or maybe she's getting biggeer?) so we might buy her the medium/large size anytime soon. Baclaran rules!

7. Socks - her (i mean 'our') fetish. She doesn't need shoes yet. So we enjoy selecting what pair of socks will she be wearing for the day. Pompy loves funky socks such as these .

We hope to inspire soon-to-be parents, di kailangan mahal para ipakita ang pagmamahal, hehehehe.

Mabalik tayo sa binyag, abangan ang handa ni pompy: inihaw na liempo, buttered shrimp, calamares, chili crab, baked tahong, sinigang sa miso at overflowing COKE (may batang mainggit dyan hehe).