Tuesday, March 08, 2011

My Lil Indian Girl

Jana's 2nd day at Little Archers (MOA) was better. Here, she wears the Indian hat they made. Wear it again on the church the next day. And is now wearing it around the house. Cute mo anak :)

Typical Evening Snack

I brought home a popcorn. Kiddo poured it all on the sofa, enjoyed a handful, watched cartoons and drank Milo (Spongebob straw and cup courtesy of Ninang Les and Kuya Archi). Sakin si Patrick (Apple Juice). We toast. She enjoys that.

I secretly put back the popcorn to its container. Jana noticed and got a clean glass. Dun nag-ipon ng sariling popcorn.

Later on, i was taking some of her popcorn. She made a face and demanded I return her popcorn (which was already on my mouth). I gave it back, pinunas ng bata sa damit at binalik sa baso.

Bukas kaya, ano na namang kalokohan ang ipapauso neto?