Thursday, September 24, 2009

Of Fridays and Carousel (Jana's Day)

  • Jana woke up at around 4am. Sabi ko, "Excited ka naman anak, tulog ka muna." After some sommersaults, nakatulog ulit. She woke up lapit na mag-7am. Mama woke up at 8am. Naku! Asan na si Jana, nag-bfast na ba?... natutulog na daw ulit.
  • 11am we ate lunch. Sopas at Crispy Fried Chicken. Solb.
  • 1st pit stop: church

  • Off to Mamila's house, wala pala sila. Sabi sa cell, libre daw nila ng lunch si Jana. Weeee! (Di nila alam, finish na kami kumain.) We chose Glorietta's FRIDAYS.
    "Here's my photo with my financers"

    "They even have an ice cream surprise for me! Yey!"

    "Since no one's around, FRIDAYS became my playground..."

  • Mamila and Dadilo left us. Time to go to TIMEZONE.

    "San ba yung timezone??"

    "Daddy let me ride a motorbike"

    "Mommy and I got dizzy sa carousel... hehehe"

    Snack Time!!!

  • And then it was time to go home...and meet the rest of my fans hehe
    "Tita Ninang, bakit ka po nakaganyan?"

  • Daddy cooked yummy spaghetti ang crispy fried chicken (again). Kuya Justine helped me blow my candle.

  • Around 8pm, I am sound asleep. Completely opposite of what I was doing last year, it's an hour early before my mommy started having labor pain last year :)

    This is me then...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wish Upon A Star

We wish that

Kuya Xav
Kuya Rennick
Kuya Eggnog
Baby Boo
and Ate Pipay

are here to party with us tomorrow...

" Save ko na lang 'tong loot bags nyo ha? " Love, Pompy.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Malapit Na!

post ko wishlist namin for Jana :)

Mothercare's 2-bottle Travel Sterilizer
price: 1900php
Mothercare Philippines are located at:
Shangrila(631-1896 / 638-4323)
Trinoma(901-6352 to 54)

Avent 4oz, pack of 3
price: 800php + 50php (shipping
from this seller (click this link).
(Breastfeed pa rin kasi si Jana and we dont give her milk more than 4oz ng isang inuman lang, sayang kasi minsan nasisira lang so mas sakto 'tong bote na to than her 9oz bottles)

She also loves:
board books (yung kahit kagatin nya, di napupunit),
toys na umiilaw pag pinipindot

ps: teka lunchtime na pala, kain muna ako... see you all on Sept 19 10am-12pm Mcdo Forbes Town Center, Fort Bonifacio Taguig. Please click the picture below to see larger view of the map.