Monday, October 27, 2008

Batang Gala

...and The Pompy makes a cameo appearance at the Mall of Asia.

Let's Celebrate

Happy 1st month Pompy!

  • now 4.2 kg, 51 cm
  • when in good mood, she doesn't just smile. She laughs.
  • has double chin, and starting to form small longganisas on her arms and legs. Newborn socks not recommended due to her "chubby ankles"
  • longer waking hours, shorter sleep (huhu anak magpatulog ka naman)
  • Colic days are becoming manageable. iba-ibang tactics. pagpasa-pasahan ng tita, lola, mami, dadi. pag ayaw huminto, lagyan ng mansanilya. bigyan ng Ceelin. Iduyan sa rocking chair. Buksan ang aircon. Magdrive-thru sa Jbee.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And the Truth is...

We have a colicky baby. It is best to set things straight. Colic is not KABAG. Mothers or any person taking care of infants should take the initiative to research what may be happening to the baby. How many times have we been wrongly informed? For example: A breastfeeding mother should not drink any cold drinks for it will cause the end of your lactation. Or hamog causes sipon. Or cutting pilikmata of an infant would ensure that the baby will have longer eyelashes when he/she grows up. Silly right? These beliefs and the Filipino dependency in the wonders of mansanilya are all but the same banana. Pagbigyan ang hilig.

I became irritant when a lot of people automatically suggests that my baby cries due to kabag.

me: umiiyak na naman si baby.
person 1: baka me kabag. lagyan mo mansanilya

me: umiiyak na naman si baby
person 2: baka me kabag. lagyan mo mansanilya
person 3: baka me kabag. lagyan mo mansanilya.
person 4: baka me kabag. lagyan mo mansanilya.

and so on...

Fuck, would I miss checking its possibility whenever her iyak session has started? A baby cries mainly for 2 reasons: wet diapers and hunger. Other reasons are stated here.

Pompy cries from 7-9pm at the very least. After a lot of researching, I had a hint that my baby is colicky. Pedia confirmed it. I suggest to anyone taking care of an infant to read about colic. It doesn't guarantee that your baby will be better after you've read it. But it sure helps you to stay sane when the going gets rough.

** I still love you all the same anak, kahit parang me split personality ka... lovable in the morning and iyakin in the evening. It would take more than that to have me disillusioned and stripped off of my unlimited fondness of you.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Dear Pompy

Most of the time, when you cry, I wish there'd be someone else who can give you what you need. Every night I can only pray to God that He'd give me more strength (and patience) so I can take care of you.

But when you're sound asleep, I miss you so much. I'd stop myself from touching you before I can wake you up. Because I miss you every time, anak...even when you're just an inch away from me.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Shaolin Kid is Environmental Unfriendly

(Pag nagtuloy-tuloy ang pagiging singkit ng batang ito, sya ang pabibilhin ko ng Hopia sa Chinatown. Baka me discount ang mga singkit... hehehe.)

Nga pala, in just one week, ang batang Shaolin ay nakagamit ng 60 non-biodegradable diapers! Paminsan-minsan naglalampin pa sya ha. Well as some of you may know, breastfeed babies poop as many as 8x a day, mostly during or right after feeding.
Hay naku anak, bumawi ka sa kalikasan paglaki mo.

I swear di ko alam ano ginagawa nya sa kamay nya... batang kangaroo.
ps: Shaolin Kid gained 700 grams in 1 week. Go go go anak. Kahit katawan ko lang ang habol mo, gatasan mo pa ako (hehe anlaswa ata pakinggan)

Let's Give The Boy a Hand

The proud father of Jana... who is totally unaware that we are more proud of having him, the dependable husband and tender sweet loving daddy :)

We love you Daddy En! Thank you for taking care of us all the time.